What do my animals and I do now?

With the proposal of banning wild/exotic animals for shows/parties in Los Angeles, I would like to know your solution as to what my parrots and I do now? I have been performing my parrot show in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. The focus of my show is education, though the show is also entertaining. My training techniques are positive reinforcement which I learned at Moorpark College's America's Teaching Zoo in Moorpark, CA. My animal's welfare is my number one priority. If you intend to ban me from my livelihood of over 22 years, I hope that you have a possible solution or exemption for my business. I have shows booked at libraries over the next few months, does this mean that they are going to cancel my program?  I would appreciate a response. Thank you, Wendy Horton, Owner, Wildlife Wendy's Tropical Birds

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