No on HPOZ in Miracle Mile

I am a long time resident of the Miracle Mile area (x 11 years) south of Wilshire Blvd. I do NOT support the proposed historic preservation overlay zone(HPOZ) for the Miracle Mile area. My voice has been ignored by our local residents' association for some time now through recent community outreach meetings that usual end in Jim O'Sullivan yelling that anyone in opposition is disrupting "his" process. The Miracle Mile Residents Association (MMRA) is a small narrow minded group of individuals who do NOT represent the true and whole opinion of the residents of Miracle Mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please listen to those of us the oppose an HPOZ in this area as a solution to Mc-Mansionization. The MMRA is an intolerable organization that has bullied its members for years run by a small and unwavering/ non-collaborative executive board. There are many neighbors who share my opinion and are growing upset that MMRA and your office have ignored us for months now on this matter.

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