Say No on HPOZ in Miracle Mile District 4

I’m writing this email for my husband and myself as concerned home owners of the Miracle Mile District. We are urging you, our Councilmember David Ryu and the City Council to STRONGLY oppose the HPOZ proposal. It has very little support from the residents of the Miracle Mile area and we do not want to give up any of our personal property rights. Or allow such a blatant interference with our prospective business advantage as a single family home owner. The so-called local residents association that supports this scheme does NOT represent our interests, our rights or that of any of our neighbors. We only learned about this issue within the past few months so there has been little outreach to the affected community stakeholders. Passing such an overblown and over controlling city ordinance is a direct violation of our 1st and 5th Amendment Constitutional rights, that will result in massive litigation and financial damages against the City of Los Angeles. Passing the HPOZ proposal could cost the City billions of dollars in class action Federal Court lawsuits to overturn this ill conceived municipal ordinance. We don’t want to be in an HPOZ area plan that contains the language that constitutes the unlawful taking of our property rights. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Mr. & Mrs. J. Perry

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