Neighborhood Feedback

Neighborhood Feedback

My office is committed to hearing the issues affecting Council District 4. Please take a moment to send us a message. Every suggestion or concern is taken seriously and will be taken into consideration by the appropriate council staff.  Thank you for your feedback.

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Just like Measure S, this Proposed HPOZ for Miracle Mile GOES TO FAR. PLEASE VOTE NO on these Draconian regulations that will increase the cost of living in Miracle Mile

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Power Outage

I live in Windsor Square. My neighborhood and most adjacent areas were without power for over 24 hours due to the storm. This is a common occurrence with rain or wind. Please make improving the power infrastructure a priority. We have been told that it is being upgraded - for years - promises. Enough. Take a look at the conversations on Next Door for this area and you will see people are fed up with this situation. It has been a problem for decades. It is not just a huge inconvenience. It is expensive - I am replacing all my refrigerated and frozen food today. It is a safety issue - sitting in a home with no power and no lights on a dark street surrounded by the same. It does not make a family feel safe. Although there were a few blocks with lights on in a sea of dark. The blocks surrounding the mayor never lost power. Duly noted.

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More bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure

Navigating our part of the city by bike or on foot is at best dangerous and at worst seemingly deliberately designed to be difficult. Redesigning our streets with bicycles and pedestrians in mind is essential not only to bring Los Angeles into the modern era of city design and life, but will make residents safer and healthier. When I was only a pedestrian, my feeling about the streets was that they were designed for cars at my expense, but once I started riding my bike, I realized this was not the case. Our streets are poorly designed for everyone. Dangerous streets with rare accommodation at all for bike riders, never mind actual separated bike lanes, force riders onto our narrow and unmaintained sidewalks, putting them in conflict with pedestrians, who have nowhere else to go. As LA works to build out it's transit infrastructure, we need to keep up and redesign our neighborhood streets with everyone who uses them in mind.

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No to Miracle Mile HPOZ

The majority of the people here do not want the HPOZ. Why don't you do your job as an elected official and listen to the majority. Do a poll to confirm.

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Say NO to Illegal Immigration

There are 2 million illegals living in Southern California. One of the reasons why renting is so expensive is this mass of illegals. They should be deported to alleviate crowding and lower housing costs. And the Council should NOT approve street vending-- it will only encourage the illegals to keep coming. LA already is the capital of the third world, don't make it even worse by approving street vendors.

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Say No on HPOZ in Miracle Mile District 4

I’m writing this email for my husband and myself as concerned home owners of the Miracle Mile District. We are urging you, our Councilmember David Ryu and the City Council to STRONGLY oppose the HPOZ proposal. It has very little support from the residents of the Miracle Mile area and we do not want to give up any of our personal property rights. Or allow such a blatant interference with our prospective business advantage as a single family home owner. The so-called local residents association that supports this scheme does NOT represent our interests, our rights or that of any of our neighbors. We only learned about this issue within the past few months so there has been little outreach to the affected community stakeholders. Passing such an overblown and over controlling city ordinance is a direct violation of our 1st and 5th Amendment Constitutional rights, that will result in massive litigation and financial damages against the City of Los Angeles. Passing the HPOZ proposal could cost the City billions of dollars in class action Federal Court lawsuits to overturn this ill conceived municipal ordinance. We don’t want to be in an HPOZ area plan that contains the language that constitutes the unlawful taking of our property rights. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Mr. & Mrs. J. Perry

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Re: Garcetti Announces $10 Million Legal Defense Fund For Immigrants

I am strongly opposed to my elected officials spending my tax money to protect law breakers. I am a lifelong Democrat and I am not opposed to immigration. My father and his family were immigrants who came from Scotland and came through Ellis Island legally. Both of my wife's parents came to the country legally from Japan as teenagers sponsored by relatives living here legally. They also spent 3 1/2 years in a concentration camp at Manzanar along with my wife and her brother who were born in California. People who want to immigrate to this country legally spend years and go through a ton of red tape to come here. It is totally wrong to allow those in the country illegally to cut in the line ahead of those trying to do the right thing. These people in the country illegally have no respect for our laws or they wouldn't be here in the first place. They continue to break our laws every day they are here. Illegal immigrants are not law-abiding. They also consume resources that could better be used for our citizens.

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No to Proposed Traffic Changes in West Sherman Oaks Hills

We oppose both NTM Plan A and NTM Plan B. Although we can sympathize with the concerns of the small group of residents from the West Sherman Oaks Hills area who are advocating for this plan, we believe that it is unfair to other Sherman Oaks neighborhood residents.

Our main issue is the effect these changes will have on our commute times to work and school. The so-called “travel time study” presented in the Notice of Public Hearing is not a study at all - it is hard to believe that it would be represented as such. A total of four cars participated, on a single date at a single time of day. Significantly, the “study” was done on August 26, when neither UCLA nor any of the schools in the Mulholland area are in session. We drive these roads every day, and we can tell you that having these schools in session makes a huge impact on drive time. It seems highly irresponsible to make decisions of such consequence without doing a real study.

Why is it fair that we who live just blocks north of the West Sherman Oaks Hills area will have to significantly increase our commute times, while those living in the West Sherman Oaks Hills area will have even easier access up to Mulholland? This seems to us a clear case of the few (residents of the West Sherman Oaks Hills area) being favored over the many (all the other Sherman Oaks residents who rely on multiple access routes to and from Mulholland). We can’t see why their rights should take precedence over ours, especially since there are a lot more of us than there are of them.

We strongly urge that these proposals be dropped. The real solution to this problem is to improve flow on the 405, Sepulveda, and Beverly Glen. Improvements there would obviate the need for anyone outside of this area to take surface streets up to Mulholland. But we are not outsiders. These surface streets - public streets - are in our neighborhood, and we should have the right to use them.

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Councilman Ryu Moving On?

I read last week that Councilman Ryu is concidering running already for higher office. My weigh-in is he stay put for several years to build up a solid resume before chasing after the next big thing.

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NO to Miracle Mile HPOZ

The Miracle Mile HPOZ is being proposed to reduce the likelihood of mansionization, unwanted density, and the loss of affordable housing. However, density and affordable housing are issues of city-wide concern that need to be addressed at a policy level, rather than allowing them to be controlled locally by a voluntary homeowners association which purports to represent a larger group of property owners than it actually does. The HPOZ is not even the appropriate tool to address mansionization. The R1 Variation will stop mansionization in a manner that is acceptable to a majority of R1 homeowners. Please reject the proposal and request that Planning move forward with a proposal for an R1 variation. This will achieve the MMRA's goals within a very short time after expiration of the ICO.

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NO to HPOZ - YES to Energy Efficiency and R1 Variation Zone

I oppose the HPOZ in the Miracle Mile. I understand the concern about “Mansionization” in the area and am in favor an R1 Variation Zone to prevent such construction. My apprehension about an HPOZ is that it is too restrictive in that it does not take climate change into consideration. We are living in a time in which global warming is an ever-increasing problem. I would like to do my part to reduce my carbon footprint. I own a four-plex and hope, one day, to be able to rent out units that are completely energy-efficient. If I cannot replace the current windows on the façade of my building with those that are up to California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards, I will not be able to achieve that important goal. In my opinion, an HPOZ is permanent, present-day fix that does not consider the needs of future populations.

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NO to Miracle Mile Hpoz - Yes to R1 Variation Zone

I have lived in the Miracle Mile for 30 years. The R1 Variation zone is the answer to the McMansion problem. The HPOZ is a terrible choice that will limit far too many of my rights as a property owner. I don't want people telling me what color I can paint my house or how many panes I have to have on my windows. This is very un-American. NO TO HPOZ AND YES TO R1 Variation Zone.

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Ban Real Estate Signs

Our neighborhoods are blighted every weekend by unnecessary and unsightly real estate open house signs. In our GPS era, these signs are just trash on sticks designed to advertise realtors not to direct folks to open houses. Please ban this blight.

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No on HPOZ in Miracle Mile

I am a long time resident of the Miracle Mile area (x 11 years) south of Wilshire Blvd. I do NOT support the proposed historic preservation overlay zone(HPOZ) for the Miracle Mile area. My voice has been ignored by our local residents' association for some time now through recent community outreach meetings that usual end in Jim O'Sullivan yelling that anyone in opposition is disrupting "his" process. The Miracle Mile Residents Association (MMRA) is a small narrow minded group of individuals who do NOT represent the true and whole opinion of the residents of Miracle Mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please listen to those of us the oppose an HPOZ in this area as a solution to Mc-Mansionization. The MMRA is an intolerable organization that has bullied its members for years run by a small and unwavering/ non-collaborative executive board. There are many neighbors who share my opinion and are growing upset that MMRA and your office have ignored us for months now on this matter.

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Change street parking hours

Hello, my practice is located on Burbank Blvd. near Sepulveda. The grid lock has increased to the point that my clients are considering not using my services due to traffic at my location. Burbank was designed with three (3) lanes, but parked cars are barring traffic from flowing. Please consider limiting street parking to "non peak" hours to reduce the horrific traffic jams. Ideally, limiting parking hours on Burbank between Kester and Sepulveda, to non-peak hours only would improve assessability and be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Deborah Litberg, LCSW

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On Demand Transit for Aging Koreatown Population

Mobility within Korea town is becoming increasingly more difficult as parking becomes limited, more cars enter the streets, and as the population begins to age. I have parents that are about to enter retirement and something that I am constantly worrying about is how they are going to get around. Driving is becoming more frightening and dangerous for many people. Have you tried to go to a Korean market around noon? It is absolutely panic inducing. The town can collaborate with DOT as well as Uber to provide a service somewhere in between traditional the traditional Dash service as Uber. Users could call up a bus using their phone and routes can be optimized using Uber/google routing software. The bus and the app can be made to be aesthetically appealing to the Korean population with friendly interfaces and bus design. These services can be offered on demand which greatly increases accessibility to all demographics. This will reduce congestion on the roads, decrease accidents from elderly drivers, reduce carbon emissions, and also create a sense of identity of Koreatown. I have a degree in civil engineering and a Master’s in sustainable infrastructure. I’ve also been born and raised in Koreatown.

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David, I KNEW when we spoke a few times that you were a man with a high level of Integrity. I have been tracking you as I do our Mayor. I see you walking the talk. May you be blessed to hold steady in who you are. Far too many of those seeking office end up falling through the cracks of temptation that are self serving. One of the things I can see in you is that you Love what you are doing. That Love affords you a great strength.You are doing a Terrific job.

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Fix The Streets or Take 'em down

In my view, swept streets are essential to maintaining a minimum of neighborhood charm in LA. Recently I spoke with a sweeper driver and discussed his route in Franklin Hills. I asked him about the difficulties he encounters in the course of sweeping in the hills here. The stand out reason for not being able to do his job is the uneven and broken concrete streets.

Why? Because it turns out the scooper mechanism at the rear of the sweeper can not be lowered into position on uneven pavement.

So, in effect, the City, by not fixing the broken concrete streets is promising a service (street sweeping) it can not provide.  If a street sweeper can not sweep, the signs should be taken down until the streets get fixed.  Until then the "No Parking on Sweeping Days" signs are a violation of the rights of the people who must move their cars every couple of days with no benefit. The City cannot profit from the revenue of parking violation tickets without providing the service for which the violation is cited.

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Rowena Apartment Landlords take advantage of drought

Tenants who have been renting for years have seen their quality of life sink as they view their front lawns and parkway medians on Rowena give way to dead grass and dog poop. I believe landlords have taken advantage of the water restrictions of the past few years, now no longer in effect, to NOT pay for watering or replacing the dead lawns with appropriate landscaping.

Rowena, at Griffith Park Ave, is now one of the ugliest streets in the greater Silverlake/Los Feliz area. It now may be a fact of life that we will get little or no rain on a regular basis and the City needs to look to other cultures and how they deal with an arid climate. The green grass of yesteryear is gone, DG (decomposed granite) is the best replacement, used in most of the south of France and a proven solution.

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Addison Apartment Proposal

Mr. Ryu - I am unable to attend tonight's meeting but I voted for you based on your platform to put our neighborhoods first. To quote you - "I’m running for City Council to change the conversation at City Hall to one that takes account of neighborhood concerns first. Right now, City Hall isn’t listening. Neighborhoods are the heart of Los Angeles, but too often our interests are put aside for those with the deepest pockets and the loudest voices. I’m running the same way I will represent the 4th District – by listening to all stakeholders, starting first with my residents and communities". The quality of life in the Valley is suffering with multiple projects - a new hotel at Riverside and Coldwater, mixed-use building at Magnolia and Colfax (tbd?) , The Sportsmen's Lodge project? Furthermore, everytime I see a house being torn down and a larger cookie-cutter New England style house going up my heart breaks. Please support our community and let the developers know that overbuilding in our community is not welcome.

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