Neighborhood Feedback

Neighborhood Feedback

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Construction EVERYWHERE in Hollywood--at the same time, why?

Hi there, Regardless of the controversy surrounding the long term impact of overdevelopment in Hollywood, I am curious to know who approved for it all to happen at the same time. We live in the Hollywood Hills north of Franklin and it is impossible to drive anywhere there isn't a street closure, reduced lanes, long lines of huge construction trucks, street repair, or DWP repairs. What once took us 7 minutes to drive our children to school now takes 22--45 minutes round trip to travel less than two miles. People are angry and impatient and it only seems to be getting worse the further south you go. I am happy the economy is thriving, but this is poor planning and I would like to know the process involved. These projects need to be staggered based on priority. This is a mess.

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Stop Fluoridation

“There are numerous mechanisms by which uncontrolled dosing of fluorides through water fluoridation can potentially harm thyroid function, the body and the brain. A malfunctioning thyroid often leads to weight gain. And diabetics and patients with kidney disease are often thirsty, causing them to consume increased amounts of fluorides if they have access to only fluoridated water. Communities of color and the underserved are disproportionately harmed by fluorides because most rely on municipal water sources, many of which continue to add fluoride, despite research showing the potential harms and negating the potential benefits. I support federal investigative hearings looking into why our cities and towns are allowed to continue to add fluoride to public water sources and why the whole story about fluorides is only just now coming out.” (Dr. Mark Hyman via email on April 1, 2016)

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