STATEMENT: Strength and Solidarity with Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - Following the death of George Floyd, Councilmember Ryu released the following statement:

"This week, Los Angeles and the nation watched as George Floyd was killed in cold blood at the hands of the Minneapolis police. 

We watched this video in horror and disgust, but not in shock. Brutality against black men and women remains all too common, and when we see these horrifying images, we know that there are countless others who have been killed or harmed by racial injustice. 

Our City and our Country still have a long way to go before every American is equal. When we see the inequities in our City, and when we see the racial disparities in the infection and death rates from COVID-19, we must recognize that there are many miles left in the march toward justice. Black lives matter, and until our policies and our society reflect that, the work continues.

Change only comes when we use our collective voices and democratic freedoms to fight for it. I stand in solidarity with the peaceful protestors who are expressing our shared outrage, anger and disgust. But I also believe in peace over violence and in the power of collective action, of listening to one another and working together for systemic social and economic justice.

I lived through the ’92 riots. I saw immigrant and minority-owned businesses burn. I saw the pain it brought to our City. I saw how destruction divides us, and we must create a path to unite us. Organize. Protest. Vote.

I love Los Angeles, and my life here has taught me that our City of Angels is always stronger when we stand together and work together in peace. These are hard days for Los Angeles, there’s no doubt about that. But for all the Angelenos who are speaking out against injustice and in solidarity with their fellow citizens - thank you.

Tonight the City will be on a mandatory curfew from 8 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. tomorrow with the hope that everyone stays home and stays safe.

I am here for you, and I am always here for Los Angeles."

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