“Today, the Ethics Commission took a crucial step toward restoring trust in the City of Los Angeles. By limiting the outsized influence of developers in our local elections and embracing clean campaign finance laws, the Commission has made clear that the status quo is not working for Los Angeles voters, and is failing Los Angeles Democracy. I am grateful to the Ethics Commissioners and the Commission staff for taking bold action today to reform our campaign finance laws. I look forward to seeing this item through City Council, and urge Council President Herb Wesson to schedule the motion in the Rules Committee as soon as possible.” - Councilmember David E. Ryu

Councilmember Ryu refused developer contributions in his 2015 campaign for City Council, and has been pushing for reform to campaign finance laws in the City of Los Angeles ever since. He addressed the Ethics Commission as they discussed the issue today. Read his remarks.  

On January 15, 2019, Councilmember Ryu co-introduced a campaign finance reform package that would limit developer contributions and behested payments along with five other Councilmembers, and seconded by the Council President. Read the motion.

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