LOS ANGELES - Following the release of the LAHSA Homeless Count numbers, Councilmember Ryu released the following statement:


June 12, 2020

Contact for Councilmember Ryu:

Mark Pampanin



“It’s no surprise that homelessness is increasing. It will continue to increase until we tackle a system of poverty, racial injustice and unaffordability driving this crisis. We saw areas of progress where we’ve aggressively built housing, like my district, where we opened 172 beds of homeless housing last year. But homelessness doesn’t belong to one neighborhood or one council district - and we need to care about our unhoused neighbors on Skid Row just as much as our unhoused neighbors in Silver Lake. Which is why I have been working for a more unified, citywide response.

“I’m pleased that the Mayor is pushing a FEMA-like response similar to the legislation I introduced last year. I hope that he will help push this legislation forward, because this pandemic proves that it can be done. When we worked as one Los Angeles, we housed over 6,000 people in three months. We need that level of urgency after this pandemic.

“Homelessness doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is the most visible symptom of rampant poverty, systemic racism, and a broken social safety net. The number one goal of every level of government must be to support vulnerable people and to keep them housed. We must protect and expand our Housing and Economic & Workforce Development departments. We must build more affordable and moderate income housing. We must protect tenants from eviction and repeal state laws like Costa Hawkins. Until poverty, inequity and racial justice become a priority in our society, homelessness will persist.”

- Councilmember David Ryu

 Councilmember Ryu has 591 units of homeless housing either open or underway in Council District Four, as well as a Safe Parking lot in development. In 2019, Councilmember Ryu opened two bridge housing centers for women and children, and an emergency shelter for youth. He also introduced legislation in 2019 to amend the City Charter to make it easier and faster to build homeless housing in Los Angeles. Next month, he will open a 100-bed bridge home for men and women in Los Feliz. Learn more about Councilmember Ryu’s work to end homelessness here.


Assistant City Council President Pro Tempore David E. Ryu represents Los Angeles’ 4th Council District which includes Griffith Park, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Miracle Mile, Hancock Park, Windsor Square, Larchmont and portions of Koreatown and Van Nuys.

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