Sherman Oaks Housing Initiatives

Background on the proposed housing initiatives:

A motion is pending in City Council to study two properties in Sherman Oaks to see if they have any potential for housing options. These properties are located at 15314 W. Dickens St. and 5161 Sepulveda Boulevard (Council File # 12-1549-S12).   

This is the very beginning of the public process to consider these two possible sites. 

With the overwhelming approval by voters of Measure H and Proposition HHH, funding streams are available to build housing and provide the services necessary to make real progress towards ending homelessness.  

The Dickens site is being considered for Supportive Housing. This process will take years and will involve a variety of opportunities for community engagement. The first step for evaluation is the City Council motion, which, if approved in Committee and City Council, instructs City departments to conduct initial review and file a report with City Council.

The Sepulveda site is being considered for emergency temporary housing, as part of “A Bridge Home” program.  Again, the first step for evaluation is approval of the City Council motion so that City departments can conduct an initial review and submit a report with their findings. Opportunities for community input will be part of the process as it moves forward, and further votes and hearings are required by City Council if it decides to proceed with these potential sites.    

Transparency and community feedback is central to a healthy democracy.

This is the very early stage of the process, and community input is tantamount as this process begins. No decisions have yet been made other than to evaluate the potential opportunities for this site.

The first informational meeting on this process will be held on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 6pm at Notre Dame High School, 13645 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. RSVP Here.

If you have any questions, or would like to be included in periodic updates as this process moves forward, please contact


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you putting homeless housing in Sherman Oaks?

The whole City of Los Angeles, including Sherman Oaks, is experiencing the crisis of homelessness. To solve homelessness in Sherman Oaks, we need homeless housing and resources in Sherman Oaks. 

Absolutely nothing has been decided yet.  The City is looking to see if these sites are even feasible.  


Why does it have to be Sherman Oaks? 

It doesn’t.  But sites in Sherman Oaks would give our local outreach workers and law enforcement officers more resources in taking on homelessness specifically in Sherman Oaks. If we want to get serious about reducing the number of people sleeping on the streets or in their cars in Sherman Oaks, we need to seriously consider the only proven solution – resources to get individuals experiencing homelessness off the street and into housing with the support services they need.


I was never notified.  Shouldn’t I get a say what goes in my neighborhood?

Definitely!  This is the very beginning of the public process.  Councilmember Ryu asked the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council and the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association to come up with suggestions and ideas, including potential locations.  Councilmember Ryu has been asking all neighborhood organizations across Council District 4 for ideas. 

We are certainly open to studying other locations in Sherman Oaks.  All options are on the table, and we’d like to hear your ideas.   


But why are you building at these two sites? 

We aren’t building anything yet at these two sites, and possibly never will.  This is what has happened so far: a motion has been submitted that would direct city departments to study the feasibility of two locations.   

These two sites were suggested for study – at Councilmember Ryu’s request – in part because they are government-owned sites and are near public transit, as well for the proximity to people already experiencing homelessness in Sherman Oaks.  We would like to explore whether either these sites have any potential for a housing solutions.  


So what exactly are you considering in Sherman Oaks?

There are two locations being considered for their potential to be part of this solution in Sherman Oaks.

One site, 5161 Sepulveda Boulevard, is being studied for the Mayor’s “A Bridge Home” program - temporary housing being built in every council district across the City.  A Bridge Home is designed to house the homeless in the immediate area and comes with extra resources for encampment cleanups in the neighborhood.

The other site, at 15314 Dickens Street, is being studied for the potential of longer-term affordable and supportive housing opportunities.


Why can’t you put this somewhere else?

We are!  There are two sites elsewhere in Council District 4 already underway:  a bridge housing program at the Gardner library at the base of the Hollywood Hills, and the LGBT Center in central Hollywood, which will have affordable, supportive, and emergency housing.  And we continuing to look for additional locations in all neighborhoods of CD4, including Los Feliz and Hancock Park, but in order to solve homelessness in Sherman Oaks, we need resources in Sherman Oaks.  

All 15 City Councilmembers have committed to building permanent supportive housing and bridge housing in their districts and there are multiple locations throughout Los Angeles being reviewed and in process.


We already have a lot of homeless in Sherman Oaks already. This will bring more.

No.  Actually these housing options are designed to reduce homelessness.  They are intended to specifically serve the people already experiencing homelessness in proximity to the site.

These sites operate 24/7, with staff onsite at all times.  Residents are not kicked out during the day, and there are no-walkup services. If the sites are built, homeless outreach teams would connect with people experiencing homelessness in the surrounding the area to bring them to the housing and resources they need to put their life on track.

Additionally, with the A Bridge Home program, the City is dedicating extra resources to cleanup once these sites are open to ensure that the streets surrounding the bridge housing sites remain safe and clean.


Who are you bringing into the neighborhood? Will this attract criminals?

Neither of these housing solutions would attract criminal elements to the neighborhood and are intended to make the community safer by bringing people experiencing homelessness in Sherman Oaks into housing. These solutions would provide people experiencing homelessness with a safer place to live and connect them to counseling, job training and other resources needed. 


Who will live in this housing? How big will they be?

These housing options are intended to serve the people experiencing homelessness near these locations.  If the sites are built, homeless outreach teams would identify and connect with individuals currently experiencing homelessness nearby for placement.

Before we know more details of the site or who will operate them, the City needs to study if these sites are even feasible for housing.


Just giving people free housing isn’t going to solve anything. We need more job training and rehab programs and mental health services for homeless people!  

Yes and yes and yes.  You are right, and that’s why bridge housing and supportive housing programs have case managers and other support staff on site to ensure that the residents can get the resources they need to get their lives back on track. 


When would these two sites be built?

We don’t know if or when housing may be built at these locations. This is the very beginning of the process.  A Bridge Home temporary emergency housing has been taking a number of months, up to a year.  Supportive and affordable housing can take years to build.


So where do we go from here?

Again, we are the very beginning of this process – nothing has been decided and nothing is being built. There will be many additional steps and opportunities for public input as the process continues.