Runyon Canyon Park to Reopen on August 2, 2016

Councilmember David Ryu, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power & LA City Recreation & Parks announce the reopening of Runyon Canyon Park on August 2, 2016.


Sarah Dusseault, Councilmember Ryu's Office

Amanda Parsons, LADWP

Diana Bulnes, Recreation and Parks


Water pipeline replacement project completed ahead of schedule and under budget

Los Angeles, CA – Fourth District Councilmember David Ryu, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and the Department of Recreation and Parks announced today that Runyon Canyon Park will re-open on Tuesday, August 2, 2016, following a water mainline replacement project that was completed under budget.

“After much needed public safety and infrastructure upgrades, the City of Los Angeles is thrilled to reopen one of the City's most highly used and beloved parks. Thanks to the hard work of LADWP, a 90-year-old water pipeline has been replaced and new fire hydrants added, which are crucial to the fire protection of the park, park-goers and nearby residents. We worked closely with the Department of Recreation and Parks and LADWP to shorten the time of the overall project. LADWP finished under budget by $1 million dollars -- that is a huge saving for rate payers and the Department of Recreation and Parks was able to add other important upgrades like erosion control and water fountains.  Thank you to the community for supporting these efforts and thank you to the Departments for your service.” said Councilmember David Ryu.

Runyon Canyon Park was closed in April 2016 for the Runyon Canyon Water System Improvement Project which replaced approximately one mile of six-inch pipe that runs through the park. The project was undertaken to improve the area’s fire protection system, reduce the risk of pipe breaks, and improve local water quality.  Thanks to the full closure of the park, LADWP was able to perform this complicated work quickly and safely, completing the water main construction ahead of schedule and saving over $1 million for Los Angeles ratepayers.

Construction for the project included the excavation of a trench along the fire road trail, installation of the new pipeline, and backfilling of the trench. The new mainline will benefit LADWP customers by significantly reducing ongoing maintenance and repair costs attributable to leaks and breaks from the 90-year-old pipe it replaces.

“Runyon Canyon Park is a local treasure used by Angelenos and visitors alike,” Senior Assistant General Manager Martin Adams said, “The full closure was a temporary inconvenience, but one that will allow us to preserve this LA icon as a safe and enjoyable hiking and recreation destination for years to come.”

During the closure, LADWP, the Department of Recreation and Parks, and the office of Councilmember David Ryu worked in concert to conduct much needed park improvements including restoring and paving the Park’s fire road trail, installing new drinking fountains, installing new erosion controls, and performing general clean-up and landscape maintenance throughout the Park.

“The Department of Recreation and Parks worked closely with Councilmember Ryu’s office and LADWP to execute these improvements at Runyon Canyon Park," said Michael A. Shull, General Manager, Recreation and Parks. "With the completion of this project, we are re-opening Runyon Canyon Park to the community with safer hiking trails and improved erosion control to preserve this popular park for generations to come."


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