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Frequently Asked Community Questions

How do I find my gas, water, and/or electric lines?

How do I find out more about Solar Rebates?

How do I get bulky items picked up and report illegal dumping?

What are the sanitation bin rules and costs? How do I swap out bins?

What rules must a property follow for swimming pool safety?

How do I prepare and plan for a fire evacuation?

How do I get permits for construction?

If I am concerned about fraud, waste or abuse, what hotline can I call?

How do I get a permit to fix my sidewalk if paying by myself?

Where can I get subsidized ridership opportunities for Metro?

How do I know if my fence, vegetation and property meet general Code Enforcement Rules?

If I can't afford repairs on my home, where can I get assistance or subsidies?

Who are my elected officials, what is my garbage pick-up day, what is my planning area and who are my cable providers?

How do I get an Energy Efficiency audit?

How do I get DOT parking permits?

How do I get a Change of Address processed?

How do I get an alarm system permit?

What are the rules for brush clearance requirements?

How do I reach a park ranger for an issue at a City Park?

What is the nearest Fly Away to the airport to me?

Who can help me with an animal services issue?

How do I report graffiti?

What does it mean that I live in an Historic Preservation Overlay Zone?

How can I find out if a property is historical?

How can I look up building permits and documents pertaining to a property?

How do I find out zoning and land-use information for a property?

What do I do if I get a code violation or an order to comply?

How do I look up a Council File?

How do I find out when City Council, City Commission, and Neighborhood Council meetings are happening?

How do I apply for an Airbnb permit or report a concern about an Airbnb?

How do I get street lights?

How do I submit a request to get my street resurfaced?

How can I report a pot hole?

What LAPD or LAFD divisions does my neighborhood belong to?

How do I complain about party or construction noise?

How can I request to get my parkway tree trimmed?

Where can I find Services for Seniors including meal delivery, in-home assistance and transportation?

Where can I find information about affordable living for the Aging?

Where can I find City of LA Senior Centers?

Where can I find information about LAX?