Press Release: Ryu Pushes for Passage of Party House Regulations

Los Angeles, CA - Today, Councilmember Ryu called upon the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee and Public Safety Committee to pass a Party House Ordinance that would curb unruly parties and allow for increased enforcement.


September 25, 2017


Press Contact:

Estevan Montemayor



Los Angeles, CA -- Last week, The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office  transmitted a draft ordinance amending the Los Angeles Municipal Code to prohibit loud or unruly gatherings at residences. In November of 2016, City Council unanimously approved a motion introduced by Councilmember David Ryu instructing the City Attorney, in coordination with LAPD, to draft an ordinance regulating “Party Houses.” The ordinance is now pending before the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) and Public Safety Committees of the City Council. Today, Councilmember Ryu released the following statement:

“These outlandish parties besiege the neighborhoods of the Hollywood Hills, overcrowd residential streets and pose a significant risk to public safety. Our police department should not be tasked with breaking up these public nuisances every weekend with no recourse to solve the problem. That’s what this draft ordinance intends to do.”

 The draft ordinance:

  • Substantially increases the kinds of activity that could allow for enforcement against a party house.

  • Allows for fines or misdemeanors to be brought against a party host and the property owner.

  • Mandates that any location cited under the ordinance will also be tagged with a public notice of their violation for no fewer than 30 days or will incur further penalties.

  • Provides for escalating fines up to $4,000. For locations where fines are not persuasive, misdemeanors can be given. 

Read the draft ordinance here.

“I commend the City Attorney’s office for drafting this ordinance, and for bringing charges last week against two of the most egregious party house owners in Los Angeles. I look forward to this item being heard in the Planning and Land Use Management and Public Safety committees so that it can be voted on, sent to City Council, and put into effect protecting our communities.”

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