Core Values

Core Values

Restoring Trust in Government

My goal is to start a new and candid conversation with our friends, families, and neighbors about our community's needs and how our city can better address our concerns.  Mistrust between residents and city government have been growing for decades.  If we want to make a difference, the city must listen to and act on these concerns.  We must work to hold local government to higher standards.

Preserving Our Residential Neighborhoods

Our Council District, much like the city at large, consists of distinct, diverse, and independent neighborhoods.  What binds us together is the unique quality of life in Los Angeles and our common goal to create and preserve great neighborhoods.

My goal is to stop the inappropriate development and mansionization that threatens the economic stability and quality of life in our neighborhoods. The city must enforce the laws already on the books and work to create  fair and easy-to-apply rules that are in the best interests of our neighborhoods.

Fighting for Fiscal Accountability

Restoring trust means opening the books.  It’s your money; you have a right to know when, where, and how it’s being spent.  We will practice fiscal restraint and accountability.  We believe public involvement in, and impartial review of spending decisions, is fundamental to honest and effective government.   I will work to disclose and make public expenditures make public expenditures easily understandable.

Prioritizing Community Engagement

Residents must be involved In the decision-making process from the beginning. Neighborhoods should be made aware of projects when they are proposed, and not when they are too far along in the approval process to establish meaningful dialogue.

Our government must be completely and unquestionably transparent.  Public documents must be made available in a timely fashion. Public hearings must happen at a time and place that encourages public participation.

Advocating for Neighborhood Infrastructure Improvements 

Whether it’s a broken sidewalk, overgrown tree, or a broken water main, we must seek and utilize common sense fixes using technology when available. Furthermore, we must think differently about long-standing “solutions” that may have been well-intentioned, but have failed our neighborhoods in the past.  We want to engage your expertise and institutional knowledge of neighborhoods to solve tough problems. Infrastructure includes our schools and libraries, which need to become better resources for the whole community. 

Promoting Public Health and Safety

While the overall crime rate in Los Angeles is at one of its lowest in years, there is still far too much violence in our homes, schools, and streets.  The primary focus of our government must be to protect our families, friends, and neighbors.  Police, fire and emergency services must have the resources needed to ensure the fastest response times possible when help is called.

In addition, the city must do more to promote public health.  Our neighborhoods will never reach its full potential until all in our communities receive access to quality health care.  The lack of access to quality care has greatly contributed to the homelessness crisis in our city; this issue must be addressed.  We can do more -- much more, to humanely connect our homeless populations with housing and resources to revive our neighborhoods.

Building a Strong Local Economy

To create a more efficient and transparent local government, we need revenues to increase police patrols, traffic enforcement, and infrastructure improvements.  One of the best ways to grow our local revenue is to make sure we attract and retain good jobs and promote great neighborhoods.  I will work to bring new investment into the City of Los Angeles and promote common sense changes to our business tax system, procurement processes, and regulations to allow job creators to thrive in our great city.