On Demand Transit for Aging Koreatown Population

Mobility within Korea town is becoming increasingly more difficult as parking becomes limited, more cars enter the streets, and as the population begins to age. I have parents that are about to enter retirement and something that I am constantly worrying about is how they are going to get around. Driving is becoming more frightening and dangerous for many people. Have you tried to go to a Korean market around noon? It is absolutely panic inducing. The town can collaborate with DOT as well as Uber to provide a service somewhere in between traditional the traditional Dash service as Uber. Users could call up a bus using their phone and routes can be optimized using Uber/google routing software. The bus and the app can be made to be aesthetically appealing to the Korean population with friendly interfaces and bus design. These services can be offered on demand which greatly increases accessibility to all demographics. This will reduce congestion on the roads, decrease accidents from elderly drivers, reduce carbon emissions, and also create a sense of identity of Koreatown. I have a degree in civil engineering and a Master’s in sustainable infrastructure. I’ve also been born and raised in Koreatown.

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