March 2017

Hollywood Sign Strategy Update

Allocated $100,000 of discretionary funds to conduct a comprehensive study for improving park access, safety, and mobility in Griffith Park and around the Hollywood Sign. Council District Four is currently working with the Mayor's office, the Department of Recreation and Parks, and transportation consulting firm Dixon Unlimited to develop this study. The results of this study will finally allow the City and communities to move forward on smart solutions for both visitors, residents, and park users alike. Council District Four is sending out monthly updates on the Hollywood Sign Strategy and we would love to keep you updated. Read the full motion here and the data analysis by Dixon Unlimited here.

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Griffith Park DASH Service Expands

The DASH bus that runs from the Vermont/Sunset Red Line Metro station to Griffith Observatory and the Greek Theatre expanded service to 7 days a week. This expanded service bagn March 21, 2017 aimed to reduce congestion and improve the environment of Griffith Park, with DASH buses running every 20 minutes and fares kept at 35 cents with a TAP card.


August 2017

Griffith Park DASH Shuttle Service reports record ridership in the summer, with 48,678 passengers in July and 44,587 passengers in August.


April 2017

Access & Mobility Study

Griffith Park Access and Mobility Study to improve park access, safety, and mobility in Griffith Park and around the Hollywood Sign approved by Council. This study, conducted by Dixon Unlimited, collects hard data about the use of roads and trails in Griffith Park and around the Hollywood Sign, to allow Council District Four and community stakeholders the most accurate and up-to-date information when considering various safety and traffic mitigation efforts.


November 2017

Access & Mobility Stakeholder Meeting

On Sunday, November 12, Dixon Resources Unlimited, in conjunction with the Office of Council District Four, hosted a meeting of approximately 30 representatives from the communities and stakeholder groups affected by the popularity of Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign. Dixon presented the study's preliminary data results and short-term recommendations. The final report, including full data analysis and recommendations, will be released to the public in mid-January.


Holiday Season 2017

Increased Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park Enforcement

To help manage the flow of hikers and tourists at the popular western entrances to the Park, Council District Four is funding increased LAPD and Department of Transportation (DOT) enforcement November 23 through November 26 and December 21 through January 2. The increased enforcement was paid for with $68,668 in discretionary funds and included more LAPD and LADOT officers to ease traffic flow, enforce traffic and parking laws, and monitor fire safety.


December 2017

Permanent Increased Hollywood Sign Enforcement Introduced to 2018-’19 Budget

City Council approves motion to make increased traffic and safety enforcement permanent with an addition to the Mayor’s Annual Budget. The increased security and enforcement in Griffith Park and around the Hollywood Sign has been a useful and needed resource during the busy holiday season, but Los Angeles’ most known icon and the communities around it deserves support all year round. With increased tourism to Los Angeles, proper funding for security, safety and traffic enforcement around the Hollywood Sign needs to increase, too. Read the motion to add increased funding for the Sign to the Mayor’s 2018-’19 budget here.


January 2018

Dixon Resources Unlimited Access, Safety & Mobility Study and Data Analysis around Griffith Park and Hollywood Sign Released

Dixon Resources Unlimited released its study and data analysis on access, safety and mobility around Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign on January 17, 2018. The study offers 29 strategies to improve park access and safety for nearby communities. On January 17, Councilmember Ryu introduced a motion instructing various City departments to study the feasibility of the strategies proposed by Dixon Resources Unlimited. On February 27, Councilmember Ryu's motion was unanimously approved by City Council.

Read the study here.

Read the data analysis here.

Read the motion here.

Read the FAQ here.

During Phase 1 of Dixon Resources Unlimited's Study in Summer 2017, Council District Four released a survey for community members about their concerns regarding the Hollywood Sign. Click to view online & written responses. 

Between October 2017 and the January release of the Hollywood Sign Study, Dixon Resources Unlimited and Council District Four sought community feedback. View the comments here.


2018 and Beyond

Ford Theatre Trail

Council District Four is working with the Office of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and the Ford Theatre on the development of the new Ford Theatre Trail. The proposed trail will provide spectacular views of the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Reservoir, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Bowl, Downtown Los Angeles, and the Pacific Ocean, among many other landmarks. A portion of the trail will be ADA accessible and facilities will include shaded rest areas, ADA compliant restrooms, and parking. Read the details about the future trail here.



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