Greek Theater Traffic on Commonwealth is Unmanageable

The traffic on Commonwealth from uber/lyft drivers coming and going to the Greek Theater has gotten out of control. Last night at around 8pm, there were 40 - 50 cars lined up from Los Feliz Blvd north to Cromwell. The only way I was able to pull out of my driveway was to pretty much force my way out and hope that drivers would stop since there is no break in the traffic. Commonwealth is not a major thoroughfare and cannot accommodate hundreds of cars going up and down it when there is a concert. I understand that the theater needs to be accessed somehow, but turning Commonwealth into a parking lot several times a week is not the answer. Furthermore, the traffic light at Commonwealth and Los Feliz is an abnormally long wait, exacerbating the problem and causing even more of a back-up of cars. For those of us that live on Commonwealth, we should not be prevented from getting in or out of our homes to accommodate the massive traffic now being generated by the Greek Theater and the enormous increase in people being dropped off individually by ride-sharing services. And although I don't live in Los Feliz Towers, it is clear from my observations that there is a major issue with those residents being able to turn left into the building when going up Commonwealth. The drivers going south do not stop to allow residents to make the left turn, which then causes even more of a mess in the intersection because the northbound traffic is completely stopped. Given the number of pedestrians that cross that intersection, it is simply a fatal accident waiting to happen as drivers get stuck in the intersection and try to make left turns with cars trying to go in every direction. There was a traffic officer on site last night, but it was clear that person made little difference in controlling the chaos that was happening in the intersection.

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