Runyon Canyon Park Closure:

Re: 4 Month Runyon Closure March 10 2016

Let LA Councilman David Ryu know that he should open up adjacent parks like Fryman Canyon, Bronson Canyon and Waddles Park, to be off leash for the four months while Runyon is closed.

1) We need to be able to allow our dogs to get their needed exercise by being off leash and not ticketed for being off leash in these adjacent parks. I asked David Ryu at the press conference on March 3, 2016 whether there had been any plans for allowing adjacent parks to accommodate our dogs temporarily be off leash and he stated that he hadn't. Mr. Ryu then mentioned a few parks that are all on leash with Parks Rangers who give out expensive tickets. I told KFI News and the LA Times that if the city closed down a major street there would always be consideration and plans for alternative routes.

2) Since the DWP workers are going to be finished at 4:00 every day, why can't we open up the eastern half the park for hikers and the people with dogs at 4:30 pm until normal park closing. That’ll give us about 4-5 hours until post sundown closure and should not slow down the four month projected timetable. A top DWP official told me ten minutes before that press conference that they originally were planning on closing only half of the park and that FORC, (“Friends of Runyon Canyon,”) wanted the entire park closed.

3) The proposed basketball court in the middle of Runyon has upset everyone here. We want to be to enjoy the quiet natural rustic setting and a loud bouncing basketball reverberating throughout the canyon will be a loud nuisance. Wayne Walters of Digital Interiors, (the company that is installing the court told me today that no studies were done to check for noise in the canyon.) There are enough basketball courts in LA and very few rustic canyons with solitude & birds singing.

4) The FORC billboard at the Fuller main gate only displays their announcements and does not serve as a posting board of the people. This is a public park and the billboard should be part of the commons. We need to have a voice!

  Most of us voted for David Ryu and want to continue to support him. I suggest that Mr. Ryu realize that thousands of us need not be so upset and deeply inconvenienced when our needs can so easily be met. I have heard hundreds of other dog owners sadly wonder why the park could not work out some kind of compromise. please call the councilman's office and find out if he can grant this request.

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