Runyon Canyon Basketball Court?

Since I not only live one block away from the Fuller entrance of Runyon Canyon and I also spend 2-3 hours a day exercising my Chocolate Labrador morning and evening in this beautiful canyon, I am quite concerned about the future of Runyon. Once major issue about this closure is that originally Runyon was suppose to stay half open. One of the reasons FORC wanted a total shut down was because they managed to find a donor to pay for fixing a retaining wall near the tennis court on condition that they (Pink Dolphin,) could construct a basketball court. Even though this is being done for free how could the Board of Commissionors of Parks & Rec. exempt any environmental studies? The impact of added loud noise is what most concerns me. The sound of basketballs constantly bouncing on a surface that has never best tested in the middle of our bowl shaped canyon which will be amplified upwards and outwards. How can we allow the solitude of this rare sanctuary in Los Angeles be potentially permanently ruined? A noise check is very simple and inexpensive, you just put some of the proposed surface on the ground, play a ten minute game and have volunteers situated around the adjacent areas to listen to the impact. We also have nesting owls and many other birds that have been living in Runyon for several years that would be negatively impacted. Even doing this for free Pink Dolphin should not be exempt from environmental studies. And even though it is free their proposal has their name "Pink Dolphin," posted above and on the court. For years anyone who even posted a business card on the billboard had it ripped off by the Park Rangers for advertising. Speaking of which FORC tore down the billboard and constructed a new billboard that only allows themselves to post any and all material. FORC has muscled into Runyon and somehow became the official voice, (but hopefully not the only voice,) of Runyon. If the construction of the proposed basketball court is halted because we gain our sanity and have some environmental studies can we then keep the eastern half of Runyon open? Thank you.

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