Open the Beachwood Trailhead

I found out about the gate being closed not from you or anyone in your office, but from the NextDoor website for Beachwood Canyon. I called your office. I left messages. I know your field rep for this area is Shannon Prior. I had a few conversations with her while the gate was being built. Shannon was pleasant and said she understood the frustration of local hikers who had been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the completion of the gate to once again have access to this part of the park. In all the news reports, and in online reports it always sounds like everyone living in the area is for closure. In part, that's because those who pushed for it are initiating measures that the rest of us don't know about until it's too late. For instance, once I found out about the court hearing, (the resulting closure still being a world class example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory), I started calling your office. I emailed. No response. I did get an email from Shannon AFTER the decision saying that Councilman Ryu did not agree with it. Great. Nobody takes responsibility for the debacle. Could you post or send me all the times and places where Ryu vigorously opposed closing the gate? Because I missed that. I got another email from Shannon a few days ago telling me all that was being done NOW to study and address the problem. More taxpayer money is being spent AFTER closing the gate. Too little too late. I don't care about the sign. I know it's a tourist attraction. I have never seen the kind of behavior a handful of homeowners complain about. The gate allowing pedestrians, and the addition of permit parking on weekends was a decent compromise. Closure is not. AND why wasn't Ryu there when we protested the closure? Any time I have come to a meeting or called or emailed, the response I get (rare enough) is too little too late. Not happy.

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