Need a no parking zone at the Ralph's on Moorpark St. in Sherman Oaks

I'm the last person to suggest taking away badly needed street parking, but there's a safety situation, and a noise problem, that could be solved by taking just a few spaces away. All day long, car horns blare at drivers exiting the Ralph's parking lot on Moorpark just east of Hazeltine. The problem is the exiting shoppers can't see past the parked cars on the south side of the street, so they have to inch out into traffic to see if it's safe to exit. Speeding eastbound drivers get either annoyed or alarmed, and all day long, it's a never-ending blare of horns. If just two or three curb spaces were eliminated, I think it would make it a lot easier to see the oncoming (and most of the time speeding) traffic and the neighborhood would be a lot quieter..

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