No to Proposed Traffic Changes in West Sherman Oaks Hills

We oppose both NTM Plan A and NTM Plan B. Although we can sympathize with the concerns of the small group of residents from the West Sherman Oaks Hills area who are advocating for this plan, we believe that it is unfair to other Sherman Oaks neighborhood residents.

Our main issue is the effect these changes will have on our commute times to work and school. The so-called “travel time study” presented in the Notice of Public Hearing is not a study at all - it is hard to believe that it would be represented as such. A total of four cars participated, on a single date at a single time of day. Significantly, the “study” was done on August 26, when neither UCLA nor any of the schools in the Mulholland area are in session. We drive these roads every day, and we can tell you that having these schools in session makes a huge impact on drive time. It seems highly irresponsible to make decisions of such consequence without doing a real study.

Why is it fair that we who live just blocks north of the West Sherman Oaks Hills area will have to significantly increase our commute times, while those living in the West Sherman Oaks Hills area will have even easier access up to Mulholland? This seems to us a clear case of the few (residents of the West Sherman Oaks Hills area) being favored over the many (all the other Sherman Oaks residents who rely on multiple access routes to and from Mulholland). We can’t see why their rights should take precedence over ours, especially since there are a lot more of us than there are of them.

We strongly urge that these proposals be dropped. The real solution to this problem is to improve flow on the 405, Sepulveda, and Beverly Glen. Improvements there would obviate the need for anyone outside of this area to take surface streets up to Mulholland. But we are not outsiders. These surface streets - public streets - are in our neighborhood, and we should have the right to use them.

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