Re: Garcetti Announces $10 Million Legal Defense Fund For Immigrants

I am strongly opposed to my elected officials spending my tax money to protect law breakers. I am a lifelong Democrat and I am not opposed to immigration. My father and his family were immigrants who came from Scotland and came through Ellis Island legally. Both of my wife's parents came to the country legally from Japan as teenagers sponsored by relatives living here legally. They also spent 3 1/2 years in a concentration camp at Manzanar along with my wife and her brother who were born in California. People who want to immigrate to this country legally spend years and go through a ton of red tape to come here. It is totally wrong to allow those in the country illegally to cut in the line ahead of those trying to do the right thing. These people in the country illegally have no respect for our laws or they wouldn't be here in the first place. They continue to break our laws every day they are here. Illegal immigrants are not law-abiding. They also consume resources that could better be used for our citizens.

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