If the sidewalk would be good for five (5) years and then need repair again, isn’t that worth keeping the tree in?


To many of us, street trees are invaluable. I understand this and property owners in front of the tree can waive the City warranty on the repair work to keep a tree in front of their home, even if the City believes it will damage the sidewalk again within 10 years.  However, the property owner would be financially and legally responsible for any damage the tree caused. If the property owner does not want to waive the warranty, the City would need to remove the tree, as the cost of having to repair the same sidewalk every five years is not fiscally responsible unless City voters opted to approve a new tax for that purpose. If there is a tree in your neighborhood noticed for removal, you may talk to the fronting property owner to see if they are willing to agree to waive the repair warranty.

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