tour bus proposal / make drivers use headset not handheld mic for safety

hi there, just read about your new nuisance tour bus proposal. i think another thing you should definitely add-- is that those bus drivers cannot use hand-held mics as they narrate the tour. i have seen on hollywood boulevard, drivers navigating the busy streets, making turns, and holding / talking into a mic with one hand and only one other hand on the wheel. it's crazy dangerous and amazingly outmoded - there is more than enough technology that they can and should have a headset mic. there is no way these drivers should be holding a mic, doing their skit / spiel, and driving with only ONE HAND ON THE WHEEL while driving a van / bus. (or... any vehicle!) its against the law to drive holding a phone. it should be the same for holding a mic... while driving a bus load of tourists... along the busy commercial streets and then residential streets. it is indeed an accident waiting to happen. every major singer uses a headset mic... it is standard technology. there is zero reason these tour bus operators should be driving with one hand on the wheel.... and one hand on a mic! thanks!

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