Our hillsides feature some of Los Angeles' greatest wildlife - and most critical wildlife corridors. I am committed to protecting our native plants and animals, growing our urban canopy, and preserving LA's wild. 

Proactive Tree Care

Trees are some of our most critical resources, and I believe that if we want our trees to be here tomorrow, we have to protect them today. I've fought to expand funding for proactive tree care, and was able to secure $25 million for tree maintenance, planting and care in the 2019-2020 City Budget. I knew that we needed someone who could tackle this issue holistically, so I pushed for a new position that could plan for our urban forest in the long term. Our City’s first Chief Forest Officer was appointed to the role in August, and is supervising a comprehensive inventory of every street tree in LA.

I also introduced legislation that pushed for a comprehensive package of reforms that could revitalize our tree population, including a stronger protected tree ordinance, efforts to increase tree maintenance staff, and a review of current tree care practices in comparison to other jurisdictions that have ongoing tree management plans. In 2019 Council unanimously approved that legislation, and instructed the Bureau of Street Services to report back on nine different items to further protect our urban forest.

Establishing a Wildlife Corridor

In 2016 I joined a coalition of community activists and leaders in calling for the creation of a wildlife corridor running from Griffith Park to the 405. This region is inhabited by bobcats, coyotes, deer, and other iconic Los Angeles wildlife, and their well-being is crucial to protecting our region's natural character. I'm continuing the fight to protect our wildlife and ensure that Los Angeles maintains its vibrant biodiversity.

I also support the Rim of the Valley Corridor Preservation Act, currently working its way through Congress, which would expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area to include much of our wild hillsides. This important bill would bring much-needed support for our wildlife and open space.

Protecting Wild Land

I'm committed to preserving our green space and wildlife corridors. In 2015, I announced my support for a local Let's Buy a Mountain project alongside a coalition of activists, environmentalists and neighbors. Together, we helped to fund and support the purchase of 17 acres of land in Laurel Canyon, with the support of many local and national organizations. This area is home to a variety of flora and fauna, and since being protected, a camera set up by a local conservation group has captured stunning images of hawks, bobcats, deer and more wildlife in their native habitat.

Protecting our Wildlife

I have been a strong proponent of banning anticoagulant rodenticides, which is a strong chemical pesticide meant to kill rats, but is also toxic to many other animals. These strong toxins have killed hundreds of pets and wild animals, and are especially dangerous for our endangered and protected species.