Many residents have expressed their concerns over "mansionization" of single story traditional homes. These huge homes provide no additional housing to the City of Los Angeles, and they undermine the character and landscapes of our communities. I've pushed for regulations to limit these oversized developments.

Baseline Mansion Ordinance and Baseline Hillside Ordinance

When I entered office in 2015, I heard from many residents concerned about “mansionization” of single story traditional houses. In 2016, we took action to limit the scale of construction and restricted the residential floor area that can be developed on a single-family lot. Over the last decade, bubble-fueled redevelopment has impacted house prices due to out-of-scale homes. These larger properties provide no additional housing units to the City and, in fact, price-out the City’s long-time residents. I also fought for a new and improved Baseline Hillside Ordinance which includes specific requirements for building in the hills, including size, setbacks, grading, fire safety, and much more. The BMO & BHO work to protect endangered wildlife that live throughout our hillsides, preserve the character and landscape of our historic communities, create fair rules for every applicant looking to build or expand a home, and enhance the public safety for thousands of hillside residents.

Haul Routes and Hillside Construction Routes

Our hillsides are unique, and building conditions in our hillside should reflect that. In 2016, I introduced new hillside construction regulations (HCR) focused on limiting an over-saturation of construction, protecting vulnerable hillsides, and keeping communities safe. The HCR for Laurel Canyon and the Bird Streets went into effect in 2018, establishing hauling operation standards, construction activity standards, grading limits, and discretionary review process for large single-family dwellings over a specific square footage. Learn more or report a violation hereWe were also able to pass legislation limiting Haul Routes, which apply to the hauling of 1,000 cubic yards of dirt or more, and continue to focus on the highest standard of safety for construction in our hillsides.