More than just a Neighborhood Sign in Los Feliz

Hello Mr Ryu, first I want to thank you for all the positive changes you've made to our community in your short time as our Councilman. I understand you recently did a ride-along with the President of the Franklin Hills Resident Assosciation, Mr. Tim Cowell. I'm sure it was a nice visit and drive of their neighborhood, he mentioned in their newsletter, discussing with you about the attempt to move their boundaries and installing a sign at corner of Tracy St and Talmadge. I would like to express our concerns as residents of the area that would be affected by this. First, Tom LaBonge supported placement of a sign at Corner of Tracy St and Talmadge, but when the consequences and outcry of the affected residents, he withdrew his support, putting the decision onto you. The Los Feliz Improvement Assoc, also supported the 'sign', only later after discovery of how a sign would legally change the neighborhood boundary and how the necessary signatures required for the 'sign' were acquired questionably. They to also retracted their support. The LFNC, at their hearing was unable to come to a conclusion, passing it on to the Neighborhood/Education Committee, only to revisit the motion again and then, to vote against placement of said 'sign' and boundary change. Juan Longfellow, our LFNC representative of District D, went door to door, talking with neighbors, specifically about this, who live within the neighborhood that would be affected by the change, only to hear of unanimous opposition and of many who knew nothing of the sign or consequences it would have. In a nutshell, the past president of FHRA, is/was making an attempt to expand their boundaries into our neighborhood as a pat on their back for what they have done, mainly on the border of the neighborhood. It has never been mentioned about how their crime rate is higher and home values are lower, this change will encompass us into their statistics, how this will affect our values or insurance rates is unknown. The necessary signatures for the 'sign' application were acquired without exposing the implication of said sign and boundary change. They used Tom LaBonge to gain momentum, only to have him step away from the controversy. We have gathered a multitude of emails from those who live here that are against this. All of this information and documents was sent to LaBonge, will we ever know if it still exist or disappeared when he left office. I speak for myself and my neighbors that oppose this and ask you to follow all of those here in the affected area that are against this change, do not find it necessary or of any advantage or value to us. Please deny the FHRA request to expand their boundaries, and please do not allow the city to install a sign at the corner of Tracy St and Talmadge and change the name of our neighborhood.

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