Emma Howard | Director of Planning

Emma Howard is the Director of Planning for Councilmember David Ryu representing Council District Four.

Previously, Emma has worked as a planner for the County of Los Angeles and the City of New York. As Cultural Community Associate at the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, she worked to build community capacity in the neighborhood of East Brooklyn and worked on New York City's first Cultural Plan. Prior to her work in NYC she worked as a Regional Planner with the County of Los Angeles. During her 8 years with the County, she prepared land use ordinances and policy, including the Significant Ecological Areas Program, community standards districts, hillsides and ridgelines ordinances, and small business regulations.

Ms Howard has a decade of experience in public outreach, an M.A. in Community Development and Planning and is a certified Creative Placemaker. Creative Placemaking is an emerging field in using the intersections of arts and the land use planning process to achieve outcomes that enhance communities physically, socially and creatively. She has been a proud resident of Koreatown since 2008.

She can be reached by emailing emma.howard@lacity.org or by calling (213) 473-7004