Trust is the basis of any functional democracy. It is clear to me that Angelenos have lost trust that their City government can make planning and development decisions in a fair and transparent manner.

The best way to restore public trust is to start with transparency and avoid even a perception of conflict of interest. Residents want to know that projects will be judged solely on their merits and their impact on the community. That's why I have vowed to make meetings with developers who have active projects in the City made available to the public. I also refuse all campaign contributions from developers with current or upcoming projects in the City of Los Angeles. This pledge continues to apply throughout my term of service on the City Council.

I want every resident, and every neighborhood, to trust that the review process at City Hall will treat all parties equally and fairly – but that kind of trust must be earned through deeds rather than words.

Please continue to check this page for updates regarding meetings my staff or I have with developers or their representative. This pledge also applies for my entire term of service on the City Council.