Add stop sign(s) on Rowena

Everyday I hear the growl of engines accelerating down Rowena, a road with, near my house, a 25 MPH speed limit and several curves. People are short-cutting traffic on Los Feliz (I've been behind speeders who then turn back up Griffith Park to go back to Los Feliz Blvd) or are using it to pass through to points south, and they drive like they're already on the I-5 and/or are aggressively happy to be free of Los Feliz Blvd's traffic. A stop sign was put in at Ben Lomond Pl; I feel this helped somewhat with traffic speed on Rowena. We need another stop sign at either Lowry or, better yet, Avocado. This will also help prevent the daily near-accidents of westbound drivers turning onto Avocado without stopping nearly missing people eastbound and accelerating away from Los Feliz.

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