Concrete Street Repair

Concrete Street Repair

Concrete Street Repair Plan

Our City's 1,184 miles of concrete streets have been neglected for decades, leaving 82 percent in poor condition. For years, our City said there was no way to fix this broken network of concrete streets and bike lanes. 

I knew we could do better - and together, we're building a repair plan for our concrete streets.


Fixing our broken infrastructure should be a top priority of our City. Concrete streets are more sustainable and longer-lasting than asphalt, requiring fewer repairs and trapping less urban heat. But for decades, City Hall ignored our concrete streets, saying repairs to the more than 80-year-old network were cost prohibitive - allowing the vast majority to fall into disrepair. 

When I entered office, I started a concrete streets pilot program to challenge this thinking. We brought both City crews and contract crews to conduct repairs on our concrete streets and compare the costs. With the results of my 2016 repair pilot, I worked with the Department of Public Works and Bureau of Street Services to come up with a repair plan so our City can comprehensively address our crumbling infrastructure - not just in Council District Four, but across Los Angeles.

In May 2019, City Council approved a report from the Department of Public Works to compose a proposed work & repair plan for our City's broken concrete streets. 

In June 2019, we secured $7 million dollars for concrete street repair in the FY 2019-2020 City Budget, as well as $25 million for failed street reconstruction, and the repair of broken alleyways and previously withdrawn streets.

With new funding and a repair plan on its way, we're building a path forward for fixing our concrete streets.

Do you know of a street in need of repair? Let the City know using MyLA311 or email my team at