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Neighborhood Improvement Initiative

Clean Streets|Neighborhood Improvement Initiative

The Los Angeles Conservation Corps Clean and Green Youth Program is coordinating various street maintenance efforts and services throughout Council District 4 with youth from the area, cleaning and improving the same area in which they live. These youth earn a paycheck while developing fundamental workplace skills and a sense of community.

Each year, the program provides approximately 500 middle school and high school youth the opportunity to gain environmental work experience. During eight-week work sessions, crews of young people remove trash from neglected streets and alleys, remove graffiti and plant trees to beautify communities. In addition to this work, the

LA Conservation Corps has partnered with the Bureau of Sanitation in order to be proactive about the state of some of the alleyways within Los Angeles.

LA Conservation Corps and its crews, regularly remove overgrown vegetation, garbage, and bulky items that are often dumped within these alleys. Crew supervisors strive to cultivate a positive work ethic in the youth that trains them to be responsible and dedicated workers, as they mentor them to help them to see the value of staying in school, preparing for college, and giving back to their communities.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the LA Conservation Corps to beautify neighborhoods in Council District 4. Please fill out the form below to let us know of a street in your neighborhood that needs cleaning or improving. We will make sure to send a team out as soon as we can.  

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

4958 Cahuenga Blvd (Cahuenga Blvd and Addison St.)

Weeds are a couple of feet high on a L.A. City owned lot plus some trash bags. A real eyesore! The neighborhood could really use your help.

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5112 Melrose Ave between Gramercy St and St. Andrews Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90038

We are a new condominium community and this portion of the street is totally neglected by the city. There has been no street cleaning in years. The street looks tragic and non-sanitary. There is lots of tar and heavy engine oil built up for years. Please help us clean this street. We need a street cleaning sign posted on the street so that cars do not park on certain days and that the city crew can come clean up the street regularly. Thanks!

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7-11 (Ventura & Stern) Sherman Oaks

7-11 on Ventura/Stern in Sherman Oaks- the parking lot and sidewalks surrounding the 7-11 are filthy from cigarette butts (tar stains) and transient waste and garbage. Shame the 7-11 doesn't clean the sidewalks and pick up their trash. Thank you.

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7323 N Martel Ave

This street desperately needs cleanup due to a homeless encampment producing excessive waste, litter, and human waste. Multiple MyLA 311 requests have not resulted in any action from the city. Please help!

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Hillside sloughage on Prospect Ave across from 3909 Prospect Ave, 90027

Working with the Bureau of Street Services Investigator J.Loredo" for over a year, I have tried and FAILED to get the owner of this property to deal with mounds of dirt in a stretch of 60 feet of gutter. The address of the owner responsible for this mess is 1839 Deloz St., 90027, a through-lot.

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Moorpark St- Alley

Moorpark St, an alley accessed between Kester Ave and Willis Ave in Sherman Oaks needs some serious attention! This is a high traffic road due to many apartment building parking garages and frequent scheduled trash pick-ups. Not only does the road need to be repaved because it is uneven and extremely unpleasant to drive on- the trash has become a serious problem. The entirety of the road has become a site to ditch large and bulky items as well as a point of contention for homeless to rifle through trash leaving it scattered all over- which then travels onto the cross street intersections, lining the entire neighborhood with liter. In addition, there is a overgrowth of weeds in the alley. MyLA311 does not recognize Moorpark St, so the illegal dumping cannot be reported through the website or the app. Please help clean up this area and keep our neighborhood clean!!

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mulholland drive between cahuenga and runyon canyon

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Mulholland from Cahuenga to Outpost

Visitors to Hollywood Bowl Overlook like to throw garbage out of their cars/minibusues when driving to and parking on Mulholland near the Overlook. Let's see if your office can actually get something done in this case. My past experience would indicate that nothing, or nothing useful will happen.

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Please fix northern Hollyridge we are desperate for resurfacing.

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The streetside curb needs desperate repair and has been removed

Half my streets curb is gone and the other half needs repair. I sent a request to 311 in January 2017 and the repairs still haven't been made and are in a pending status on 311. I have photographs that will show the terrible decay of the street curbs. My home is located at 6905 de longpre ave, Hollywood, CA 90028. Where can I post photos of the repairs needed?

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Universal Red Line Overflow Parking Lot (Corner of Campo de Cahuenga and Ventura Blvd)

The green space surrounding the parking lot has been an area with a lot of item dumping unfortunately. Definitely could use one or more trash cans in the area. There is a lot of potential to make the parking lot green space vibrant keep the Bowl shuttle riders coming back. and increase commuters experience

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Ventura Blvd., a most important blvd, needs attention. Businesses do not have pride enough to maintain their front areas and there is constant debris and weeds taking over the sidewalks. Can we get help to clean up the Blvd. on south side, going west of Woodman? thank u

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Weslin ave(south of Ventura Blvd)

Weslin ave (south of Ventura Blvd) needs it desperately. There is hillside debris so far into the street that cars c'nt pass each other. And the debris is now growing its own weeds and grass.

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