Reinstituting the Citywide Speed Hump Program

Due to permanent budget cuts, the 15 year old City Speed Hump Program was discontinued in 2009. DOT provided a report on October 1, 2014 that proposed a framework for a slightly modified Citywide Speed Hump Program.

The Citywide Speed Hump Program was approved in 1994, and was managed by DOT (Department of Transportation) for 15 years, till 2009. The program installed more than 3,700 speed bumps in over 1,450 locations with a budget that relied on State Gas Tax funds. Due to permanent budget cuts, the program was discontinued in 2009.

Since the program was discontinued, the City continued to receive a significant volume of inquiries from residents complaining of speeding and requesting speed humps. The city received over 819 speed bump requests from July 2013 to March 2016, and numerous requests for the program to be reinstituted. This program was heard in Council on June 10th, 2016 and was voted on to move forward with implementing and revitalizing the project.

For efficiency, the program will be re-instituted with two application acceptance periods and two construction periods per year, instead of the continuous intake and output of the previous program. The proposed schedule is approximated as follows, contingent upon having the program staff on board at the start:

First application window for Year 1: December 2016 thru February 2017

Second application window for Year 1: April 2017 thru July 2017

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