Rowena Apartment Landlords take advantage of drought

Tenants who have been renting for years have seen their quality of life sink as they view their front lawns and parkway medians on Rowena give way to dead grass and dog poop. I believe landlords have taken advantage of the water restrictions of the past few years, now no longer in effect, to NOT pay for watering or replacing the dead lawns with appropriate landscaping.

Rowena, at Griffith Park Ave, is now one of the ugliest streets in the greater Silverlake/Los Feliz area. It now may be a fact of life that we will get little or no rain on a regular basis and the City needs to look to other cultures and how they deal with an arid climate. The green grass of yesteryear is gone, DG (decomposed granite) is the best replacement, used in most of the south of France and a proven solution.

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