Fix The Streets or Take 'em down

In my view, swept streets are essential to maintaining a minimum of neighborhood charm in LA. Recently I spoke with a sweeper driver and discussed his route in Franklin Hills. I asked him about the difficulties he encounters in the course of sweeping in the hills here. The stand out reason for not being able to do his job is the uneven and broken concrete streets.

Why? Because it turns out the scooper mechanism at the rear of the sweeper can not be lowered into position on uneven pavement.

So, in effect, the City, by not fixing the broken concrete streets is promising a service (street sweeping) it can not provide.  If a street sweeper can not sweep, the signs should be taken down until the streets get fixed.  Until then the "No Parking on Sweeping Days" signs are a violation of the rights of the people who must move their cars every couple of days with no benefit. The City cannot profit from the revenue of parking violation tickets without providing the service for which the violation is cited.

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