More bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure

Navigating our part of the city by bike or on foot is at best dangerous and at worst seemingly deliberately designed to be difficult. Redesigning our streets with bicycles and pedestrians in mind is essential not only to bring Los Angeles into the modern era of city design and life, but will make residents safer and healthier. When I was only a pedestrian, my feeling about the streets was that they were designed for cars at my expense, but once I started riding my bike, I realized this was not the case. Our streets are poorly designed for everyone. Dangerous streets with rare accommodation at all for bike riders, never mind actual separated bike lanes, force riders onto our narrow and unmaintained sidewalks, putting them in conflict with pedestrians, who have nowhere else to go. As LA works to build out it's transit infrastructure, we need to keep up and redesign our neighborhood streets with everyone who uses them in mind.

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