Oppose Los Feliz neighborhood boundary changes

I write in hopes that this reaches Councilmember Ryu or the appropriate staff. One of the highly local issues he inherited is a proposed change in neighborhood boundaries in Los Feliz. The Franklin Hills association has proposed changing signage and borders of Franklin Hills to annex a portion of what is now plain Los Feliz. This is not a simple, easy issue, and, although it has been portrayed a non-controversial, it actually IS. I request that the Councilmember NOT support any requested boundary changes. The changes are opposed by the Los Feliz association and were eventually opposed by former Councilmember LaBonge after he realized just how controversial the move is in our area. They are also opposed by the impacted area as a change in neighborhood has the ability to negatively impact property values. I, as others, moved to Los Feliz on purpose and paid a premium to do so. We feel a strong affinity for the area and had never heard of Franklin Hills before moving here. As in medicine, in government the first rule is "do no harm." After hearing about this proposal, I contacted the Franklin Hills association to as WHY this was proposed and, frankly, they could not tell me anything other than that they want to expand their boundaries to include historic sites like Marshall High and Prospect Studios, and that they want to be recognized for cleanup work they do in the adjacent areas. When pushed, they could come up with no reason why this would help my community or property values. It appears to be driven by highly local ego or control issues. But those are not my concern. I care about my property values, being able to list my home as Los Feliz, and being associated with the neighborhood I deliberately chose to live in. I understand a committee vote is scheduled soon and hope that the issue can be denied or at least that impacted neighbors have a chance to weigh in directly with your office. Thank you.

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