Council District 4: Annual Report 2017-2018

So much has happened this past year in the Fourth Council District. Whether it’s new parks, first-time pilots, or needed reforms, the Fourth Council District is leading by example with strong neighborhoods and engaged communities.

When I entered office, I was just a concerned citizen of the Fourth Council District hoping to make life a little better and government a lot more responsive. Over the last three years, I have gotten to know many of you, and the vibrant communities that make the Fourth District a distinct honor to serve. From Silver Lake to Sherman Oaks, Laurel Canyon to Larchmont Village, the Fourth Council District is blessed with iconic landmarks, beautiful neighborhoods, and residents who are passionate about making their community the best it can be. A lot has happened over the past three years, and we have seen remarkable achievements in the past year alone. But one thing has remained the same since the first day I entered office: My commitment to you. Working with you, and building a grassroots relationship to City government that is responsive and collaborative in solving neighborhood challenges, remains my core focus as the Councilmember for the Fourth Council District. As always, there’s more work to be done — but you can know that my transparency, trust, and commitment to our neighborhoods will always remain the same.

I look forward to another year of teamwork and progress.

David E. Ryu

Councilmember, District Four


Download the report here.

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