Crosswalk on Rossmore at Clinton Street

Hello, I'm curious if anything can be done to improve the visibility of the crosswalk on Rossmore at Clinton Street. I use the crosswalk a few times a week, in the evening, and getting drivers to slow or stop is very difficult. I've actually witnessed a car accident from a driver who slammed on his brakes to stop for me only to have the car behind him rear end the car. Every time I need to use the crosswalk, I enter slowly and with trepidation. Drivers regularly ignore me and whiz past or stop at the last moment, cause me to cross the street one lane at a time while I wait for the next car to notice me in adjacent lanes. I've also been verbally harassed. Anyway - please let me know if there is a way I can help get the visibility improved. Do I need to petition the neighborhood council? Should I write a letter to a certain department? I will take any advice available. Thank you, Amanda Sigafoos

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