8150 Sunset Blvd.

Exception architecture needs an exceptional community in order to realize itself. If Barcelona had not welcomed Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia they would not be the world class city they are today. Los Angeles is fortunate to have allowed an incomparable artist to flower among us and as a long-time resident (I remember the Garden of Allah) of a less than incomparable area of Los Angeles, I would like to encourage all who live near the proposed 8150 Sunset Blvd development to reconsider any objections they might have and to allow some extra latitude to the builders of this promising addition to our neighborhood.  Traffic problems will exist at this corner no matter what is built there, or even if nothing is improved. Growth and modernization must occur in healthy communities and of course they bring problems while solving others. Some have complained the structures are just too big. So was the Director’s Guild when built, now it looks average. Hollywood is undergoing an extraordinary revitalization unlike any since the 1920s and we need to encourage creative design wherever we can. I think we should allow this to be built as Gehry sees it. It will soon become our Disney Hall. Many other large structures will be built in this area, including the Strip. Let this be an example of the quality we expect. We will all benefit. William Bergmann 1701 North Orange Grove Avenue Hollywood, California 90046 323 874 8017 williambergmann@earthlink.net

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