8150 Sunset Update: PLUM Committee Approves Scaled Back Project

As many of you know, at this past Tuesday's PLUM Committee, the Councilmembers heard the much anticipated 8150 Sunset Project.

Since Councilmemeber Ryu came into office over a year ago he has vigorously and persistently pursued compromise and reductions in the density, height, and overall scope of the project. The concerns and issues brought to light through the public hearing process and at the numerous meetings held were heavily weighted and drove the Councilmember's commitment to achieving those reductions. Through the communities' input and consistent advocacy we were able to achieve significant changes. Every individual, community group, and homeowners association was pivotal to the support needed to make this a reality. We would like to thank the efforts of the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council in representing their constituency to the fullest and encouraging project revisions..

The City Planning Commission in July of this year, issued a determination on the three specific cases related to the Project which resulted in no changes, with the exception of a reduction in parking. This was in complete juxtaposition to the requests of the Councilmemeber whose staff challenged the project on a number of issues. The Council staff went to work pressuring for additional changes that would put the project more in line with the neighborhood context and character. On October 20, 2016, Councilmember Ryu submitted a letter (see attached) to the Chair of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee requesting that specific changes were mandatory for the project to move forward. Councilmember Ryu thought it was necessary for a reduction in height by at least 20%, increased parking to sustain any additional traffic circulation, increased affordable and workforce units while decreasing the overall unit count, increased sidewalk widths compatible with the Mobility Plan, and a community benefit to address neighborhood traffic concerns. Additionally, the Councilmember pushed the developers to proactively reach out and work with the appellants to see if resolutions were feasible. The Council Office continued to push for these changes right up and until the PLUM hearing on Tuesday.

The Councilmember's staff spoke to those changes in the PLUM Committee on Tuesday, which stretched late into the night after a 2:30 PM start time. We can't thank the residents and attendees enough, who waited it out, to have their opportunity to speak. Having worked with the Developer over the past year in order to achieve these concessions there were still some loose ends, specifically related to the reduction in height, but through continued pressure the Councilmember was able to achieve his objectives for the community. Ultimately we were able to achieve a 24% height decrease resulting in a reduction from 234 ft. to 178 ft., a reduction in total unit count from 249 to 229, an overall increase in affordable and workforce as a percentage of total units, increased sidewalk width to 15 ft in compliance with the Mobility Plan, relocation of the Metro bus stop to the western portion of the site, 2 million dollars in a Neighborhood Traffic fund that will be specifically allocated for traffic mitigations, and an increase in parking spots. By the time the appellants were to speak the City of West Hollywood and the Laurel Canyon Association had come to concessions and were no longer opposed to the project. All of these changes were adopted by the PLUM members and will be adopted into the modified conditions of approval.  

Please see the attached communication from Councilmember David Ryu to Councilmember Jose Huizar, Chair of the Planning and Land Use Committee, regarding the proposed project at 8150 Sunset Blvd. This item will be heard before the full City Council on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 10:00 am.

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