Moorpark St- Alley

Moorpark St, an alley accessed between Kester Ave and Willis Ave in Sherman Oaks needs some serious attention! This is a high traffic road due to many apartment building parking garages and frequent scheduled trash pick-ups. Not only does the road need to be repaved because it is uneven and extremely unpleasant to drive on- the trash has become a serious problem. The entirety of the road has become a site to ditch large and bulky items as well as a point of contention for homeless to rifle through trash leaving it scattered all over- which then travels onto the cross street intersections, lining the entire neighborhood with liter. In addition, there is a overgrowth of weeds in the alley. MyLA311 does not recognize Moorpark St, so the illegal dumping cannot be reported through the website or the app. Please help clean up this area and keep our neighborhood clean!!

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