NO to HPOZ - YES to Energy Efficiency and R1 Variation Zone

I oppose the HPOZ in the Miracle Mile. I understand the concern about “Mansionization” in the area and am in favor an R1 Variation Zone to prevent such construction. My apprehension about an HPOZ is that it is too restrictive in that it does not take climate change into consideration. We are living in a time in which global warming is an ever-increasing problem. I would like to do my part to reduce my carbon footprint. I own a four-plex and hope, one day, to be able to rent out units that are completely energy-efficient. If I cannot replace the current windows on the façade of my building with those that are up to California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards, I will not be able to achieve that important goal. In my opinion, an HPOZ is permanent, present-day fix that does not consider the needs of future populations.

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