Addison Apartment Proposal

Mr. Ryu - I am unable to attend tonight's meeting but I voted for you based on your platform to put our neighborhoods first. To quote you - "I’m running for City Council to change the conversation at City Hall to one that takes account of neighborhood concerns first. Right now, City Hall isn’t listening. Neighborhoods are the heart of Los Angeles, but too often our interests are put aside for those with the deepest pockets and the loudest voices. I’m running the same way I will represent the 4th District – by listening to all stakeholders, starting first with my residents and communities". The quality of life in the Valley is suffering with multiple projects - a new hotel at Riverside and Coldwater, mixed-use building at Magnolia and Colfax (tbd?) , The Sportsmen's Lodge project? Furthermore, everytime I see a house being torn down and a larger cookie-cutter New England style house going up my heart breaks. Please support our community and let the developers know that overbuilding in our community is not welcome.

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