Curfew Violaters

David: During your campaign and more recently at a Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association (SOHA) meeting you told those attending that Alice Roth was your dedicated and respected Deputy authorized to do the “peoples” work within City Hall on your behalf. Therefore, at this time if for example LAUSD has been having about 300,000 students not in school, unexcused in excess of three times, during school hours, possibly out robbing houses in Sherman Oaks, what are you doing to be sure they go to school rather than be in the streets of LA, dubbed Curfew Violators? I am confused why she and most Local Government, State and Federal Government Elected and Staff continue to claim “not my job” to meddle in the affairs of schools, when these students become Curfew Violators potentially headed to the “pipelines to prisons”, currently ignored, unless first a crime is committed. Therefore, if the City wishes to reduce the estimated 23,000 Homeless per year living on the streets within the City of LA, as reported by the media, I now ask you why not start to deal with Curfew Violators and have Alice Roth call me to discuss what she and you can do? Thanks in advance for the call. Thomas D. Carter, CPA – AKA Mr. Flashlight shining his light on the truth

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